Innovation District

Innovation District at Cascade Town Centre

Limitless Opportunities

JGBLI strives to develop an Innovation District at the Cascade Town Centre located in Washington County, Maryland through partnership with local and international investment partners and governments. Its great location and vibrant surrounding as well as tailored incentives from the local and state governments offers limitless opportunities to entrepreneurs who are ready to move forward.


23-acre Innovation District

Residential Workforce Housing
Hospitality Accommodation for visitors
Retail/ Restaurant Convenient living and amenities
Innovation Center Heart of where innovation happens

Global Innovation Center of Maryland

  • Heart of Innovation District at Cascade Town Centre
  • Consist of two commercial buildings (3-story & 4-story) and a 5-level parking garage
  • Over 100,000 sq. ft. of innovation center to accommodate research & development institute, medical & pharmaceutical institute, advanced technology company, government agency, and new growth industry
  • Zoned as Special Economic Development (SED)
    District and located within Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) #255

Strategic Location

  • Strategically located in the hub of the mid-Atlantic at the cross-section of Interstate 70 and 81, it provides access to two-thirds of the US nation’s population overnight
  • Provide easy access to international and regional airports (such as Washington Dulles Int’l Airport, Baltimore-Washington Int’l Airport, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, and Hagerstown Int’l/Regional Airport), locomotive terminals, and an international port (The port of Baltimore)

Population within 10-mile radius

The Innovation District at Cascade Town Centre is located in Washington County and borders on Frederick County, MD, Franklin County, PA, and Adams County, PA.

Within 3-mile radius Approx. 6,200
Within 7-mile radius Approx. 48,836
Within 10-mile radius Approx. 83,086
*2018 US Census Survey 

Point of Interest within 10-mile radius

Education and Workforce Development


Located in a Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ), the Innovation District at Cascade Town Centre offers the most flexible opportunities to businesses who compete in the global economy. Also, the State of Maryland, where the Cascade Town Centre is located, is considered as the center of the US bio industry, including NIH, FDA, NIST, NCI and 19 other federal organizations. Within 30-minute distance from the Cascade Town Centre, there are over 60 companies and organizations in the field of medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology including Meritus Health, WellSpan Health, National Cancer Institute, Leidos Biomedical Research, Medimmune, etc. Therefore, the Innovation District of the Cascade Town Centre can provide the best opportunities to cooperate with industry leading companies and organizations.

The features of the Innovation District, together with the expertise and resources of JGBLI, can offer the best opportunity to innovators who step up to the plate. Please contact JGBLI for more information.